Horizon Fitness M4 Spin Bike Review

Horizon M4 CycleThe Horizon Fitness M4 is a high quality home spinning cycle great for beginners or avid cyclists alike. Whether you are looking for an exciting way to motivate yourself into shape or want to push your riding skills and cardio training to the next level this stationary bike will help you achieve your goals. With a 42-pound fly wheel and fine-tuning resistance knobs, you can go on a casual afternoon ride or climb the mountains of the Alps all the way to the Champs-Élysées.

The sturdy frame and smooth ride of the Horizon M4 Spin Bike will even let you get out of the saddle to maintain your rhythm during a difficult stretch and supports riders up to 285 pounds. The handlebars and seat post are also easily adjustable and provide comfort and accessibility to consumers of all sizes. The frame comes with a built in wattle bottle holder and a 10 year warranty, the best for a stationary in this price range. There is an additional 1 year warranty for parts and home labor. The company has responsive customer support and will offer to send technicians to you for any potential issues.

The M4 also comes with a console computer that will measure your time, distance, speed, and calories. If you want more functionality out of an onboard computer including heart rate or RPM, any cycling monitor is compatible and can be affordable if purchased and easily installed.

For the price point is it hard to find a better quality, more functional machine. In the same class, The Sunny Health Indoor Belt Drive Cycling Bike is slightly cheaper for a similar feel and matches most of the M4’s features except the onboard computer and warranty. It only supports up to 275 pounds and the metal water bottle holder is not as conveniently located on the frame. Some users would argue that the Sunny Health rides a bit quieter than the Horizon bike, however any noise may just be that the flywheel and chain became slightly misaligned during shipping and can be adjusted for a quieter ride at home or at any local cycling store. The M4 also tops the Sunny Health model in look, with a sleek black, chrome, and blue design that boasts quality with its appearance over Sunny’s slightly clumsy, matte aesthetics and red and grey trim. The M4 also ships about 20 pounds lighter, and the frame comes pre-assembled so that you only have to attach the handlebars, seat post, and pedals upon unpacking.

If you are looking for a higher-end experience maintaining quality construction, the Diamondback Fitness 510Ic Indoor Cycle boasts computer controlled resistance and workouts, a built in heart rate monitor, and wattage output. However this bike will run you about twice as much and may not be able to match the intensity of the manual resistance tuning of the M4.

How to Choose the Best Spin Bike

Choosing a Spin BikeWe all want to get in shape. The problem is we don’t always have time to go to the gym, The weather doesn’t always cooperate, and sometimes our obligations at home just take up to much of our time. That’s why getting a spin bike to place in your home could be the best option. The problem you have when trying to decide what kind of bike to buy for your home is all the options. When you go to buy the bike here are a few options you will want to watch for.

Flywheel Weight

First, you want a model that has a heavy flywheel. The flywheel is the mechanism that rotates on the bike. This could be the most important feature on the bike. The best spin bikes have at least a 40 pound flywheel and the reason you want a heavy flywheel is so you can get a workout when you use it. If you have a light flywheel you will just be spinning your legs without the resistance to get a good workout in.

Chain Driven

Second, you don’t want to buy a model that is chain driven. You want to go find a model that has a belt driven system. The belt or chain is what connects the peddles to the flywheel. While both the belt and the chain will do the job you are looking for the best system to achieve what you want. The belt system will run quieter. It will run smoother so you can have as low impact workout as possible. It will also require less maintenance as the chain system.

Comfortable Seat

Another feature you are looking for is the seat. Now this may sound like it is common sense, however; it is surprising how many people overlook this part of the equipment. The options you are looking for in a seat are comfort and changeability. The comfort aspect is easily accomplished. A good resource for more detailed information is www.smartmonkeyfitness.com. Think back to all of the bicycles you have ridden and get a seat that is the most similar to that one. The changeability aspect is accomplished by making sure the seat is adjustable. You also want a spin bike model where you can completely change out the seat. With this option you can get a more comfortable seat if yours is not right or it wears out.

There are many other options you can get on a spin bike that will make your workout more enjoyable. When you are looking for a bike read all the options and as many reviews of the product as you can. the spin bike is a wonderful piece of equipment. Have fun and good luck.